(2014) War Thunder Hack – Mediafire

These war games never seem to end! And these jets games are keeping going on as we speak simply because they are utterly awesome! Also, you could enhance much more your game experience with out War Thunder Hack Tool which allows you to get speed hack, one shot kill, aim bot, invisibility and much more! I would bet that being invisible would make you enjoy War Thunder many more days!

Cool! How can this War Thunder Hack Tool works?

Well, we (a group of coders) decided to make this unique application that allows its users to enhance their game experience by allowing them to use cheats such as speed hack, one shot kill, aim bot, and other features!
We basically try to hack the sent codes to the server by connecting your device to a PC, where the tool is run. Also, because of that, we are updating thoroughly our tools so that they keep working and updates keep you safe!

Ohh and here’s a small preview pic of this War Thunder Hack Tool to see how it looks like!

war thunder hack

The War Thunder Hack Tool is ban-proof!

Yes! We made it ban proof so that you don’t get caught using our tools! We made it this way so that anyone can enjoy even more War Thunder and other games! Also, remember to update regularly the tool as we update our features continually and you can continue to use this hack tool with War THunder and keep squeezing every ounce of fun from this awesome game!

Updates, updates and updates!

As we want to keep the people that use our tools safe, we are constantly updating our tools! So don’t be surprised if you are faced with an update notification! Just update and enjoy!


As we want everybody to enjoy our tools, we upload our tools to Mediafire, where anyone can enjoy downloading our tools! Just click on the button below and download asap our tool!

war thunder hack download

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